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Can the Suns play the Clippers every night?

Posted on: February 19, 2009 10:46 am

Like most Suns fans, I've been a bit down in the dumps lately.  The teams play has been uninspired at best, and lazy at worst.  Come to find out, a little change was what they needed.  Steve Kerr, you silly little man.  All of this was part of your devious plan right?  I should have seen it all along.

Since the run and gun, 7 seconds or less Suns seemed to run out of gas every year around playoff time you made sure to get a coach in there who would bog them down with silly halfcourt sets (Amare + 19 jump shot = silly), and defensive platitudes.  For half a season, they've been taking their time grinding with the Shaqtus.  Walking the ball up the court, then throwing the ball down low to see who Shaq would pass it to.  All that standing around now gives them fresh legs for a playoff run!  Genius. 

Now, could you please arrange it so that the Suns play the Clippers two nights a week for the rest of the season.  Their roster included two active bigs for these two games, and one of them was suspended for a "punch" in the second game.  The lane was wide open!  Hopefully, against tougher Defenses our spirit won't wilt.  Flame on.

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